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I received information from Senator Venables’ office today regarding the introduction of the legislation that requires Delaware citizens to report lost or stolen firearms. According to the Senator, even though nothing can technically happen with the bill until March 13 at the earliest, it is still possible that the bill has already been assigned a number and a committee.

However, and more importantly, it is also very possible that this is just a “feeler” bill. The legislature may be trying to gauge public perception, and decide how to proceed with the more draconian bills that are being proposed. Senator Venables believes that we are still on the losing side of a 11-10 vote, but he strongly believes that we cannot lose hope!

Because this is quite possibly a “feeler” bill, we need to make our voices heard NOW. Not tomorrow. Not next week. NOW. Contact your state Senator and tell him or her that we do not need this legislation, nor do we need any further gun control legislation. Tell your Senator that the right answer is to enforce the laws that are already on the books. Be firm, but be polite. We could easily swing one extra Senator over to our side, putting us on the winning side of a 11-10 vote, and we could also set the tone for the rest of the legislation that gets introduced.

We have a lot of work to do, and only a short time to do it. We need to make the calls NOW. We need to tell all of our friends to make calls NOW. Next week, call again. Send an e-mail NOW. Next week, send an e-mail again. The week after that, call and send an e-mail again.  Don’t let up just because you’ve made one call and sent one e-mail.  Keep up the pressure, and tell your friends and family to do the same thing.  We cannot lose this battle due to lack of action on our part.

We cannot let our Senators think that we are OK with this legislation. They need to know that passing more “gun control” laws will not solve the problem. Remind them that even Obama’s Justice Department has gone on record saying that new “gun control” laws will do nothing to solve the problem. How would Delaware be any different?
If you don’t know who your Senator is, you can go to the following website and find out:


Otherwise, here is a list of all of the Senators:


Senator Patricia M. Blevins (D-7)

(302) 744-4133



Senator Colin R. J. Bonini (R-16)

(302) 744-4169



Senator Gerald W. Hocker (R-20)

(302) 744-4144



Senator Brian J. Bushweller (D-17)

(302) 744-4162



Senator Catherine L. Cloutier (R-5)

(302) 744-4197



Senator Nicole Poore (D-12)

(302) 744-4164



Senator David G. Lawson (R-15)

(302) 744-4237



Senator Bryan Townsend (D-11)

(302) 744-4165



Senator Bruce C. Ennis (D-14)

(302) 744-4310



Senator Bethany A. Hall-Long (D-10)

(302) 744-4286



Senator Margaret Rose Henry (D-2)

(302) 744-4191



Senator Gregory F. Lavelle (R-4)

(302) 744-4048



Senator Robert I. Marshall (D-3)

(302) 744-4168



Senator David B. McBride (D-13)

(302) 744-4167



Senator Harris B. McDowell III (D-1)

(302) 744-4147



Senator Karen E. Peterson (D-9)

(302) 744-4163



Senator F. Gary Simpson (R-18)

(302) 744-4134



Senator David P. Sokola (D-8)

(302) 744-4139



Senator Ernesto B. Lopez (R-6)

(302) 744-4136



Senator Robert L. Venables Sr. (D-21)

(302) 744-4298



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