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How Can You Help Us Help You?

There are two things we need most of all right now: People and Money.

We need people who are willing to spread the word about the draconian and tyrannical legislation that is being considered in Dover that would severely limit your firearms rights.

We need people who are willing to spread the word about FSFFA and get others who are concerned about protecting the firearms rights of Delaware citizens to visit the site and stay informed.

We need people who are willing to contact their legislators to tell them politely but firmly that new legislation that further infringes on our firearms rights will not be acceptable.

We need a core group of people who are able to look critically at legislation and determine if it is good or bad for Delaware citizens, so we can report back on it here.

We need donations to fund the website, domain name, mailing lists, and as we grow, tools to help market the group.  You can find buttons at the bottom of this page to donate to the operations with Paypal.

This is an all-volunteer organization.  We are not funded with deep pockets like the groups that aim to remove your firearms freedoms.  We are funded with the passion of our supporters and the generosity of our donors.

We have a flier that you can print and post at a business or hand out. Click here to download the flier now.

If you want to be notified of important information, please use the green button below to join our mailing list.  We won’t spam you with useless information, and we will never give your information to anyone else.

If you need more information, or you want to help us fill a critical role, use the “Contact Us” feature and let us know!

Are you on Facebook?  You can find us there too!

Show your support and help spread the word by displaying a FSFFA decal. Donate at least $5.00 and get 2 FSFFA decals. (Please include your mailing address on the Paypal transaction when you make your donation)

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