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Let Your Politicians Know How You Feel About Gun Rights

It is very important that you let your politicians know how you feel about gun rights. There are many ways to do it, and some are more effective than others. But any action is better than no action!

A phone call would be the most effective. And then a personal letter. And of course an email is also good. And if you use one of the “form” emails it will count, but not be quite as effective as an email written by you. So here is one that you can use for a guide to help you along, or you can just copy it. But again, do something. The future of our gun rights are at stake!

Dear                      :

As an American, I am a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment.  I do not want any infringements that would impact my right to own and bear arms.  Therefore, I am reminding you that my vote, and that of many of my friends, was instrumental in seating you to represent my interests in (Delaware/Washington). My vote on any/all bills currently being proposed that deal with anti-gun legislation is a resounding “no.” None of this legislation will stop a person intent on doing harm with a gun, absolutely none!

I also want to alert you that we will all be watching your voting record in (Delaware/Washington).  Suffice to say, the next election could be a whole different scenario.  Don’t forget to vote for your constituents’ expressed wants/desires.


If you do not know who to contact there are sites listed in the sidebar under “Who to Contact” to help you find who represents you. Make your voice count!