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No Compromise

I received a troubling e-mail update tonight from GOA.  In the update, they stated that Republican legislators in the swamp are seriously considering making a compromise agreement with the democrats in regards to universal background checks.  Is seems that some of our elected officials believe that it is OK to set up what amounts to registration of a right protected by our Constitution.

I am tired of compromise.  I am tired of giving the anti-rights side an inch, then seeing them come back to take another inch.  Or two.  Or a foot.  Or a mile.

The anti-rights zealots have been chipping away at our Right to Keep and Bear Arms little by little since the early 1930’s.  Things got serious in 1968, and again in 1994 and 1995.  But the seeds were sown 80 years ago, and law abiding citizens have been on the defensive ever since, while criminals continue to ply their trade.

It’s astounding to me that our rights can be restricted time after time, and there is no repercussions.  I have been asking all of our supporters to contact our local representatives to head off the legislation that is being proposed in Delaware, and it’s important now to do the same thing with our federal representatives.

But do they listen?  Do they care?  Will they still pass legislation that will further restrict one of the most fundamental rights of a free people?

Most importantly – how many more restrictions will be foisted upon the people of this country before they say enough is enough?


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