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Reporting Requirement Law Proposed

According to WBOC, Governor Markell has released his first “common sense” piece of legislation to curb gun violence in Delaware. First up on his hit list is the requirement for gun owners to report a lost or stolen firearm within 48 hours of being discovered lost or stolen. From the article on WBOC:

Officials said the measure would help prevent lost and stolen firearms from winding up in the hands of criminals prohibited from possessing them and help reduce straw purchases, in which people buy guns for sale or transfer to others who aren’t supposed to have them.

Perhaps I’m missing something, but how is a requirement to report a lost or missing firearm within 48 hours going to reduce straw purchases or keep firearms from ending up in the hands of criminals?

Markell noted that a convicted felon prohibited from possessing firearms was arrested last week on gun and drug charges in Wilmington. Authorities said he had an AK-47 assault type rifle that was stolen in Pennsylvania and two handguns that were stolen in Maryland.

Again, I’m trying to figure out where a reporting requirement would have made a difference? The criminal already had the firearms. Reporting them stolen (assuming that didn’t already happen) isn’t going to make them magically disappear from the criminal’s hands.

Biden said far too many criminals prohibited from having guns are able to get them from friends or relatives, theft, or in the criminal marketplace, where cash, drugs and stolen or illegally purchased guns are all forms of currency.

Still waiting to see where this new law makes a difference.

People who illegally make straw purchases for others often escape prosecution by claiming that the straw-purchased gun was lost or stolen, he added.

So making it a requirement to report a gun lost or stolen will automatically make criminals stop committing straw purchases? News flash… criminals do not care what laws are passed! If you want to make a dent in straw purchases, you need to stop attacking the law-abiding and punish the criminals. Making straw purchasing punishable with a mandatory 5 year sentence, with no possibility for reduction or parole would be a good start. This would be in addition to any other time to which the criminal is sentenced.

“It’s going to increase my ability to go after the straw purchaser,” he said.

How, Mr. Biden?

Biden admitted that determining whether a person truthfully reports that a gun is missing or stolen within 48 hours, rather than waiting weeks or months before reporting the loss or theft, will require investigative work by police.

Investigative work that they could (or should) already be doing.

“We’re going to have to work that out,” he said.

There it is! We’re going to pass this law, force it on the police, then let them figure out how it will get enforced. Perhaps it means we need to hire more investigators to handle the increased workload. Perhaps it means citizens will be guilty of breaking this law until they prove themselves innocent.

Common sense? Not really, but then again, who said that the majority of the liberal NeoCom Democrats possess anything that resembles common sense?

Now is the time to start contacting your elected representatives. Tell them that this “common sense” piece of legislation is misguided and will do nothing to curb gun violence.

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