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Where are we today?

January 25, 2013

We added a new section today, called “Legislation.”  On this page, you will be able to see firearms related legislation that has been introduced both at a state and federal level.

We also added a link on the “Help Us!” page to join our mailing list.  Going forward, the mailing list will be an excellent way for everyone to keep in touch with what’s happening with the group, as well as to get instant notification of important legislation updates.  If you haven’t signed up for the mailing list yet, please do so today!

January 24, 2013

Only a couple of days since launching our presence on Facebook, and not even a full day after starting up the web site, and we’re off to a decent start.  There are just over 120 fans on our Facebook page!  I’ve heard from two people already who want to lend their talents to the group.  One person wants to begin working on a better looking and more functional website, and the other wants to work on our logo and graphics.  This is super!

I figure I should probably introduce myself to everyone at this point.  My name is Sean McClanahan, and I was the President of the Iowa Firearms Coalition (formerly Iowa Carry) from 2008-2011.  During my time as President, we successfully led Iowa from a discretionary (and in many cases discriminatory) “may issue” system of issuing the Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons to a “shall issue” system of issuing permits.  We were able to get the attention of the NRA, and working with them, we were able to convince the Governor and both chambers of the Iowa Legislature that 99 Sheriffs issuing permits under their own guidelines was bad for Iowa citizens.  Overnight, Iowa went from having one of the worst set of permitting laws to one of the best.

I moved to Delaware in mid-January 2013 to be closer to family.  In the process of making the move, and leading up to the move, I’ve discovered that Governor Markell appears to be perfectly happy to stomp on the firearms rights of Delaware citizens.

We cannot allow that to happen.

It is up to us to encourage our elected officials to leave our firearms rights alone.  The ONLY way that will happen is to band together as a cohesive group and speak with one voice, firmly but politely.  And with great volume and frequency.

Over the next week or two, I want to keep developing this project.  I’m not doing this for me.  I’m doing it for all of us.  But I need the help of everyone to make it happen.  We need a few good people who are willing to help out with the legislature.  These people will know the ins & outs of who’s who in Dover, and how the system works.  Two or three people filling that role would be fantastic.

We also need people willing to donate a few dollars to the cause.  The website is not free, nor is the mailing list that we’ll develop.  As we grow our funds, we’ll be able to do things like spread the word with simple marketing products, like window sticker, hats, T-shirts, etc…  It was a goal of IFC to eventually be able to afford a full-time lobbyist.  With enough financial support, that could become a reality here too.  Right now, until we grow, the donations go to an account I set up on Dwolla in my name.  That will get transferred over to a business account as the group grows.  You can find buttons to donate on the “Help Us!” page.  I chose Dwolla because they are a great up and coming company with a lot of synergy, and PayPal has been known to be unfriendly to firearms groups and transactions in the past.

As the person who put this project together, I’ll be the “face of the group.”  Once I know that there are people serious about standing with me, I’m more than happy to make waves and build more awareness, doing things like talking to Dan Gaffney, or giving interviews to other media outlets.

We can make this work!  But it will only work and be effective if it is a collective effort of all of us.  I want to see it work, now that I’m living here and my rights are at stake.  I believe, to my core, that the essential firearms rights of all citizens must be preserved.  The real question is, for those of you who are still reading this…  how badly do YOU want to see it work?  If you feel the same way that I do, please visit the “Help Us” page, subscribe to our mailing list, and consider making a donation to help fund our operations.