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They Want to Track Us

There is a lot of rhetoric going around about HB 35.  The NeoCom liberals tell us it’s for our own good, for the good of society, and the only way we can make sure that firearms don’t get into the hands of criminals.  The liberty minded folks (like me) firmly believe that criminals are criminals and no amount of required background checks will keep firearms out of the hands of criminals.  Why?  Because criminals steal their firearms, or they “transfer” them behind the scenes and away from the eyes of laws and checks.

But more importantly, this is not about safety.  It’s about tracking our firearms.  if you don’t believe it, take a moment to read an exchange that took place in Dover last week, reported in the Cape Gazette:

[Andy Lippstone, Markell’s chief legal counsel] said every firearm starts out as a legal firearm – it is manufactured and sold by a licensed dealer.  But after the first buyer, it is easy to lose track of the weapon because it can be sold privately.  He said, over time, the bill would make fewer weapons available to criminals.

When [Rep. Jeff Spiegelman, R-Clayton] asked Lippstone if the bill’s goal was to better track firearms, Lippstone said, “Absolutely not.”

Come again?  How can this “absolutely not” be a goal to track firearms, when the very reason that you’re considering the legislation is to prevent the problem of “losing track” of firearms when they are sold privately?

The proponents of this bill are speaking out of both sides of their mouths.  They would make the snake oil salesmen of the 19th century proud.  Make no mistake – HB 35 is all about tracking firearms.  And once the government knows who has the firearms, it’s an easy jump to confiscation whenever it suits them.

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