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Universal Background Checks

Many of you have probably heard rumors that the new “assault weapon ban” is doomed before it even gets to a vote. Those same “rumor mills” predict that the most likely aspect of the gun control movement to survive would be universal background checks, which would require a background check on all transfers of firearms. The anti-rights side presents the argument that requiring a background check on any sale or transfer of a firearm would make it more difficult for prohibited persons from obtaining a gun. They call this a “reasonable” compromise toward making a safer society. The devil is in the details, though.

The first problem with universal background checks comes in the definition of a “transfer.” Right now, by using the ATF definition of a transfer, if I were to lend one of my guns to a friend to try it at the range, that is a transfer. No money changed hands, no permanent ownership was conferred, it was nothing more than lending something to a friend or acquaintance. But, in ATF terms, that is still a transfer. Under the guidelines of the new universal background checks, this would be illegal. A 4473 would have to be filled out, along with a NICS check, before such a “transaction” could take place. Are you ready to compromise that kind of freedom?

Another problem deals with the paper trail that would result. Once every transfer is covered by a 4473, it is now an easy task for the government to find out who has which gun. While the anti-rights side will argue that confiscation will never take place, keep in mind that the same government once told us that Social Security numbers would never be used for identification purposes. Governments break promises when it is convenient for them to do so. Once firearms transaction are properly recorded in all circumstances, it is a very short walk to confiscation, should that be the next item on their radar.

Firearms owners have compromised enough of their rights in the past 100 years. Telling the people that universal background checks is a reasonable compromise toward public safety is a lie, and a dangerous one at that. First State Firearms Freedom Association will not support any attempt to create a universal background check due to the danger such a program would have on our personal liberty, and the ease with which a corrupt government could use such a program against the people.

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