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We Don’t Need More Gun Control Laws…We Need To Enforce Current Laws

Based on a letter from Delaware’s Executive Department’s Criminal Justice Council’s Statistical Analysis Center, FSFFA has learned that despite the numerous firearms/weapons laws on the books, every single category of crime has a less than 22% conviction rate for the years 2010-2011.   And convictions for providing false statements to buy a firearm are literally ZERO.   These statistics prove there is not a gun control problem in Delaware, there is a lack of enforcement of gun control laws in Delaware.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that we don’t need more gun control; we need more enforcement of the laws already on the books here in Delaware and more convictions.


Consider the facts.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Delaware’s population is around 917,000.  During these two years, 8,335 people were arrested for firearms/weapons-related offenses.  This means that 0.9% people were arrested and charged in the entire State of Delaware.  And, of these 8,335 arrests, only 1,003 were convicted of the original charge with over 150 being convicted of a lesser offense.  Is it me, or is something wrong with this picture??


What our legislators and our Governor and our Lieutenant Governor and our Attorney General need to be focusing on is how to improve enforcement of the laws already in place, not institute more laws that will do nothing to make our society safer.  They need to be focusing on improved mental health issues.  They need to be focusing on tougher punishment/penalties for the criminal…because, let’s face it; they are the ones committing these atrocities.  Not law-abiding citizens.  Here is a chart reproduced by FSFFA with the numbers as prepared by the Statistical Analysis Center in Dover Delaware: Delaware’s Weapon and Firearm Arrest Charges with Guilty Dispositions .


This is the original report, in a request from a Delaware Senator: Statistical Analysis Center Report.


Contact your elected officials now and ask why they are not focused on the real solutions!

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